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I Missed You || Zia


Hearing Mia’s voice out of the blue, he’d been playing around with the kids before Zayn walked around the corner of the room and saw Mia as he saw the young toddler along with his sister as he smirked, making his way over. “Found you! Someone hides really well don’t they?” Zayn teased Asad as his small squeal echoed throughout the room when Zayn tickled him and picked up Zerina, her chew toy in hand and soon in her mouth. Turning his attention to Mia, he smiled and leaned in to give her a kiss. “Sorry did we wake you?” Zayn said as he set Zerina down who was itching to get out of his arms to go and grab her other dolls Zayn had invested in, in the past week for her. Finally pulling Mia to him, he took a seat in the rocking chair as he watched the two kids happily play with each other before wrapping his arm around her waist. “I missed you though. Sleep well?” he asked her when he looked back at her when he saw that the kids were doing fine on their own.

Laughing quietly at the way Zayn was with their kids left her smiling from ear to ear. Shaking her head she laughed softly, “No, you didn’t.” Kissing his lips back quickly she couldn’t help but love the fact that there he was with their kids. It was something she always wanted in the father of her children and it was exactly what Zayn was, a perfect father. Getting lost in her own thoughts Mia soon felt her body being pulled towards him Mia smiled and sat on his lap feeling his arms wrap around her as she turned a bit to see him, “I missed you too, but yes I did. I missed your warmth though.” Turning her head back to their kids Mia smiled and whispered quietly, but enough for only him to hear, “You are the best father you know that?” Looking back at him Mia gently caressed his cheek and kissed his lips softly before resting her head against his shoulder. “You don’t have to leave the house today do you? You can’t just stay here with us today?”

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I Missed You || Zia


Sighing, Zayn no longer wanted to talk about this and in doing so he tilted her head up kiss her softly. “I promise I’ll be careful and that’s not a lie. I don’t want to lose you guys at all. I’ll take care of it.” he said as he kissed the corner of her lips. “I need you to get some sleep though baby.” he commented before pulling the covers over their bare bodies. “I’ll stay in tomorrow morning and make you some breakfast, how’s that sound? You get to sleep in while I take care of the kids and we’ll cook you up something really good.” he said to her to try and ease her mind being truthful as possible. He didn’t want to leave the house and probably never wanted to after reading the letter, but work had to be done and so he did, but now it was a different story now that Mia knew. “Yeah?”

Nodding her head Mia kissed him back softly before curling up next to Zayn and closing her eyes as she kept her arm wrapped around him as if she would lose him.

It had been a week later and Mia had seen Zayn a lot more than normal. She had noticed him being there with her when she woke up in the morning with their kids. It was somethings he actually enjoyed but she hated the reasoning behind why. Her husbands life being threatened for money was something that left her scared everyday and every second he was away from home her. Mia opened the door of her bedroom door and walked her way downstairs only to the sound of voices as she heard Zayn with their kids. Smiling at the sound she finally saw Asad pretending to hide with Zerina happily with her toys on the floor, “Where’s daddy,” Mia whispered to Asad as he pointed and hid. 

Do I look pretty when I’m silly!? (:

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Grant Anderson is currently 21 years of age. He looks very similar to Harry Styles. Grant is coming to visit from New York from trying to be an actor.


Grant was always the guy that everyone picked on in his family for being smaller than the rest of his brothers, but he was still loved no matter what. He however grew up in a home that was dysfunctional. He watched his father get into so much trouble for selling drugs that he grew fearful for the lives of everyone around him. He had seen his father be beaten for ripping off drug sellers on various occasions and it bugged him in so many ways. He since then had always promised himself that he would never be that careless with peoples lives like his father was with his families lives. He would never want to risk danger and with that he vowed to be a better man in that aspect. Grant did have a good sense of humor growing up though and could make the worst of situations better just by his personality alone.


Grant hadn’t gone to school with the rest of the people within the house. In fact he never had a close group of friends the way everyone in the house did and he wished he would have. Seeing how everyone was willing to get together for a year just to be together again was something that shook his mind. They all had their own lives they all had started something and he had no idea why people would settle for less or even settle for something so selfishly wrong. In high school all Grant did was work in theater to get where he wanted and now here he was going with his girlfriend to be with her friends. Probably the most selfless thing he could ever do for her.


Grant met Isabella at NYU in an acting course that she had taken just by mistake. Acting was his domain. His personality was big and bright that anyone would love his presence and he knew it. He was so close to finishing up and having the chance to go for auditions for simple television soap operas when he had noticed a change in his girlfriend. Izzy was no longer there and he didn’t know why. He then was asked to go with her to be with her friends and that is where he is now.


"I hope he buys you flowers, I hope he holds your hand. Give you all his hours when he has the chance." - When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars.

“I could love you like that. Baby, I could love you like that. ” - I Could Love You Like That - All 4 One

"I would go through all this pain, take a bullet straight through the brain. Oh I would die for you babe, but you won’t do the same."  -  Grenade - Bruno Mars


Isabella Estrada - After meeting Izzy it was very difficult for Grant to let her slip his mind. She wasn’t like most girls to him because she wasn’t easily swayed by his charm. After a few dates they began dating but things never seemed real with them. She wasn’t all his and he knew that. He began pressuring her into having sex with him but she wouldn’t dare. After a mysterious visit away he knew she had to be cheating on him. A part of him broke but he didn’t want to let her go because he wanted to have her give just a small chance, anything really.

Matthew Davis - Grant figured out all about Matt when he accidentally went through Izzy’s phone looking for a number for takeout when a text came in about missing her. At first he thought it was just a friendship but after weeks he began to notice Izzy pulling away from him even more than she normally had. He absolutely hates Matt for taking away the girl he wants to have a connection with. He is slowly losing it and wanting to give up on Izzy, but when Matt is near her he wants her to just love him instead.

Bethany Rhodes - When first coming to the house Bethany and Grant clicked because they had a lot in common. They developed a very close friendship and Beth had even kissed him but he told her how he felt about Izzy and how he couldn’t. But as he was continued to be ignored by Izzy he slowly began to sleep with Bethany every now and then until he began to actually develop feelings for the girl leaving him in a bind. Does he allow himself to feel or does he fight to get a girl to let him feel?

Zachary Shields - Zach is probably one of his best friends in the house. He always goes to him to talk about anything and everything because he will not judge him for anything. He finds that they can go to clubs and hang out without there being any main messes like there is with other people in the house. They are brother from different mothers.

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Rachel Moore is currently 21 years of age. She looks very similar to Miley Cyrus. Rachel is coming home from Las Vegas from being a stripper.


Rachel was a foster child jumping from home to home and never finding one family that loved her. She never knew what the feeling of love was like so she just struggled and felt alone. Every house she jumped to seemed to have the worst foster parents out there and it made her believe that she would never find a home. She was told way too many times that she wasn’t wanted and that made her feel inferior to everyone. She will always be that girl who never knew what love was and she would fear anyones true intentions with her because no one ever showed they cared and it was the worst feeling known to her. 


High school was a blur until she met her group of friends in high school. She dealt with all of the worst self hatred thoughts in the world enough to the point where she decided to just be herself and even if it was different no one could hate herself more than she did. This was when she finally let herself slowly begin to open up about everything to a couple people. They got her through things and helped her change her ideas about herself. She stopped self harming along with stopped feeling like she was nothing enough to see a brighter day.


Leaving with Arabella was probably the best decision she had ever made because she was independent. She fell and fell on her own without having people shun or tell her that she was worth nothing to begin with. She was traveling the United States with her best friend doing what she wanted and working on her own. Once they made it in Vegas Rachel was happy because she was able to release everything she had built up and dow whatever she wanted. She is now a stripper at one of the biggest strip clubs in Vegas. She does her dances and private dances for the tips and money she gets and then when she is done she goes home to get ready for the routine all over again.


"Nothing last forever. I’m sorry I can’t be perfect." - Perfect - Simple Plan

"If you were dead or still alive. I don’t care, I don’t care." - I Don’t Care - Apocalyptica

"We’ll be running down the street yelling kiss my ass. Well yeah, whatever we still living like that." - Here’s To Never Growing Up - Avril Lavigne


Zachary Shields - Zach was the boy that got to know her and she loved that about him and she still loves him. But she won’t be with him and can’t. But she couldn’t be with him and allow herself to one day disappoint him because she believed that she would. She let a lot of people down and even though she loved him, she knew that maybe what they shared was better left in the past.

Bethany Rhodes - Beth is the girl that Rachel can not understand. It isn’t that she hates the girl or anything, but she has to be the most annoying person in the house for her. She always seems to have it together and now that they are under one roof she is constantly being scrutinized by the girl. It is like she is trying to analyze her and it is the most annoying thing for her. 

Sarah Chambers - These two do not have that much in common, but the art that Sarah creates has always been the one thing that made her want to be the girls friend. And even though they aren’t close they are there for one another if they need each other. They can talk about nothing and enjoy their conversations because they both have likes that no one else knows about. Rachel’s darkness helps Sarah with art and Sarah’s art helps Rachel see a brighter day.

Madelyn Ashby - Maddie is the girl that she tested the waters with in becoming a lesbian. It was more of a little test and sure it wasn’t her cup of tea, but Rachel surely enjoyed her night with the girl and has offered to be ready to continue if they ever felt lonely. Although they aren’t really romantically tied, they could be sexually tied.

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Alexander "Alex" Carter is currently 21 years of age. He looks very similar to Liam Payne. Alex is coming to visit fromBoston from studying sports medicine.


Alex is your golden boy and has always been since he was younger. He grew up in the middle of the bunch with two brothers and sisters. As a kid Alex loved to try and do better than anyone before him so he could set the standard in anything and everything he did. Some kids would feel intimidated by him because he was what everyone thought was the perfect child. At home his life began to take a turn when his mother left his father and their family for another man. This devastated Alex because he was never able to have the love of a mother or have someone take care of him in that sense again. He longed for his mother and even tried to stay in contact with her but once she left them she wanted no more of the life that Alex thought was perfect. He swore since that day that he would never abandon anyone the way he was.


Alex was one of the coolest kids on campus. He was smart and athletic which led to him loving high school in every way imaginable. He had been in all of the clubs and challenging classes that others would probably leave due to stress but he never did. He was captain of the football team, valid victorian, and vice president of Student Council, along with achieving other academic  praises. By the time he graduated he had the ability to go to any college he ever wanted to go to for free, but he didn’t want to have everything and do everything he. He admitted for the first time that what he did in high school was stressful and enough that he wanted different in college.


Alex had gone to Boston to study sports medicine and physical therapy while he played football just for the heck of it. He had gotten a bit into steroids during his sophomore year of college that he had a problem with roid range for about a year before he quit it, which he couldn’t have done without the words of his best friend, Matt. Other than that, Alex had grown to just miss his family and friends back home that he felt he may have abandoned unintentionally. He was one of the reasons why everyone is coming back to begin with. His friends were his life.


"So if by the time the bar closes and you feel like falling down, I’ll carry you home, tonight." We Are Young - fun.

“Your curse my name, in spite, to put me to shame.” - Holy Grail - Jay Z (feat. Justin Timberlake)

"So wake me up when it’s older. When I’m wiser and older. All this time I was finding myself and I didn’t know i was lost.  -  Wake Me Up - Avicii


Matthew Davis - Matt is the one person who probably knows Alex more than anyone else out there and that is because they see each other like brothers. Alex and Matt have had so much in common and it helps because they can get each other through anything. When they were away from one another they made sure they were always talking about anything and everything. Alex trusts him so much that he was willing to tell him how he felt about Sarah and what they have, even though he isn’t sure Sarah loves him the same.

Sarah Chambers - Sarah is the girl that keeps his head spinning. She has so much about her that she doesn’t see and he just wants to be the one that she runs to but he knows that half of her heart is elsewhere and it hurts him inside. He will try to get her to love him though, even if that means by making her see what she is losing. If he has to walk away, he will.

Gianna Pettri - Gianna was a girl that he had been with while in school but he knew that she wasn’t into him and he didn’t like that about her so he never pushed their relationship. Crossing paths when they were going along with their college lives they slept together but they weren’t able to make anything but a friendship work. 

Nick Wendell - Nick and Alex do not really care about each other and they aren’t even hateful towards one another. If anything they just see a competition amongst each other. Even though they think that one of them is better for Sarah, it turns out that they are both the best, it is just hard to find which one would fit best with her.

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Eric Polocky is currently 20 years of age. He looks very similar to Nathan Sykes. Eric stayed at home for school in Wilmington to study in marketing. 


Eric had a rich family and grew up stuck up as a kid. As a little boy he got everything he wanted and boy did he loved it all. He was always the kid in school who judged what other people had and why they didn’t have what he had. That caused him to be bullied. No one in school liked him and he would be beat up by other kids because he was sos stuck up. Finally being homeschooled he was away from all the kids and would only have friends with playdates that his mom stuck him in with other rich kids. This left him to feel safe and okay from what he called a cruel world.


Eric decided to go to school publicly again and slowly lost his stuck up ways into his sophomore year in school. He realized why people didn’t like him when he was younger too because he realized he was an asshole and with that new point of view he was glad that he was slowly changing. He was smaller than some guys and with that he tried to stay out of trouble knowing he would be pummeled to the ground if he even tried. His life in high school wasn’t bad. He had friends and that was all he really needed since money did the rest for him.


After graduating Eric went to school only to get a degree so he could work with his father where he began to make a lot of money as well. However, with not many people to keep him grounded, he began his stuck up ways again. When he did run into his friends though he was able to tame that side of him. You could say that Eric was only able to show how he really was when it involved the people he loved that changed his life. His friends did a lot for him. 


“Well you only need the light when it’s burning low. Only miss the sun when it starts to snow.” - Let Her Go - Passenger

“Girl you can tell everybody. Yeah you can tell everybody
Go ahead and tell everybody I’m the man.” - The Man - Aloe Blacc

“You could be my luck even if the sky is falling down
I know that we’ll be safe and sound.” -  Safe and Sound - Capital Cities


Bethany Rhodes - Beth is the only girl that has been able to really see his ways and at times he really misses that about her because she kept him grounded. As cheesy as it sounds, she was the girl who always saw the best in him and after they lost contact he went back to his old ways. Their relationship is a bit estranged since being stuck up is his defense mechanism.

Nick Wendall - Nick is the guy that he doesn’t even give the time of day because he sees him as annoying. He believes that the guy tries to hard at everything and thinks that he is better than anyone who needs to try to be it when he is actually “it.” Because of his own reasoning their dislike for one another has gotten stronger.

Madelyn Ashby - Maddie is probably the other person he can drop his act for in a second. They are really close and even though they can sometimes fight or bicker very now and then, they can fix anything if it meant they could lean on one another. He thinks Maddie is an amazing girl and couldn’t picture a life without her.

Grant Anderson - These two surprisingly get along, but only because Eric knows that he is messing with Beth and he promises that one way he will make sure that he never gets her. That is his girl in his eyes and no new guy who is screwing over Beth will ever get her. Eric will fake any act he could if it meant he could keep a watchful eye on everything.

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Bethany Rhodes is currently 21 years of age. She looks very similar to Ariana Grande. Bethany is coming to visit from Virginia Tech from studying to be a psychologist.


Bethany was the girl that was always dressed up pretty and was sweet to everyone that she was easily taken advantage of by other little girls. They would send her home crying when they no longer wanted to be her friend because she wouldn’t do something for them or give them something that Bethany loved. She was picked on like that for two years before she finally was able to be transferred to a different school where she met kinder people. Her parents didn’t have much money but they did what they could with what they had for her and no one noticed that she lived paycheck to paycheck. Because of their family struggles she was always close to her family and she loved that.


In high school Bethany was able to become really good friends with a large group of friends and with that she was always a happy girl in school. She was just always curious as to why people thought or did what they did. She was always good at observing those around her too which led to her to question even more. Her first boyfriend changed a lot for Bethany as she lost her virginity to the guy causing her to feel attached but when they broke off and she graduated she swore to not come back for awhile.


Bethany left with plans on returning when she knew she would be able to be something that she loved. As she studied people she would begin to make friends but easily turn them away because she easily pried into their lives and told them things they weren’t ready to hear because of what she learned. It was the thing that led to her to become lonely once more. She missed having friends and that was the only reason why she was even willing to come back home to begin with.


"I never meant to start a war, I just wanted you to let me in." - Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

“Current girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, I’m trying to be cool.
Am I being paranoid? Am I seeing things? Am I just insecure? I want to believe it’s just you and me.” - Perfume - Britney Spears

"Don’t let them in, don’t let them see be the good girl you always have to be." - Let It Go - Demi Lovato


Eric Polocky - Beth gets Eric in ways no other person in the house does and that was because she was the one who was able to explain her childhood to him and he was understanding of what it meant to be humble. She was the girl who made him see his ways and how certain actions could turn away people. They were fast friends and even fell in love for a time but it never lasted for unexplainable reasons. Beth really really misses him though. 

Grant Anderson - Grant is the guy that she is also really close to and that is because he is so easy to talk to. She could see why any girl would love to be in a relationship with him. He was almost perfect to her and then when their feelings ignited she hated that he just pulled away. Even though she knows she has feelings for both Grant and Eric, she still slept with Grant when he wanted. She thinks he needs someone who will understand him.

Gianna Pettri - Beth hates that she is known to a few girls in the house as “perfect” when she knew that she wasn’t. Gianna reminds her of any of the other girls that hated her for pointless and stupid reasons when she was younger. She has no respect for someone who is like that and she doesn’t like Gianna for never really giving her a chance. But she would forgive the girl if there were an apology.

Rachel Moore - Beth knows that there is so much drama within the house with everyone sleeping with one another and so on, knowing very well that she too is apart of that, but Rachel she sees as a true slut. That girl is so willing to have sex with almost anyone and the difference is that she is not willing to hide it which disgusts Beth. She believes the girl is sleezy with no morals.

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Nicolas "Nick" Wendell is currently 21 years of age. He looks very similar to Niall Horan. Nick stayed at home for school in Wilmington to get a general studies degree.


Nick grew up in a strict family where they had rules after rules for everything. He was always getting himself into so much trouble whether it was around the house or at school. They knew however that he wasn’t a mean or conniving child, he was just really out there. He loved to do what he couldn’t and he would break rules just to feel that thrill. Always being in trouble he grew to hate the feeling of trying to be tamed. He would get hit as a kid and some parents would say it was abuse but not his. It wasn’t abuse to him because he knew it was his fault for doing something stupid to begin with, or at least he told himself. One day it got so bad that he was sent to the hospital. But he excused it and lied because he knew his parents loved him.. it was an accident he said to everyone.


High school was no different for Nick. He would always get phone calls home for disrupting the class or speaking when he shouldn’t. The favorite for his parents was him talking back and when he got home he was scolded and punished. He didn’t get hit anymore, not after the hospital incident, but he did get punished a lot. It got to the point where his mother was getting tired of the trouble he caused and hated him for it. She would be reflected upon by her friends because of her son. She would show it too and this led to Nick doing even more things in school to piss her off until she finally got tired of it all and spoke her hatred to him. This left him emotionally damaged that his own mother despised him.


After graduating Nick stayed in town but decided to try and prove his mother wrong. He regretted his ways only because it made his mother hate her. He did what he could and was still unnoticed and when she passed away she hadn’t cared to say anything good to him. Only having his dad back he swore that he would be the man his mom would be proud of. As screwed up as his mother thought, Nick just wanted to do what was right, but he wouldn’t quit his partying ways to do so. He would just balance his life and priorities.


“Lately I been, I been losing sleep. Dreaming about the things that we could be.” - Counting Stars - One Republic

“I’m friends with the monster that’s under my bed. Get along with the voices inside of my head. You’re trying to save me, stop holding your breath.” - The Monster - Eminem (feat. Rihanna)

“‘Cause I, I’m capable of anything, of anything and everything.” -  Dark Horse - Katy Perry (feat. Juicy J)


Sarah Chambers - Sarah excites him in ways that no other girl can. When she is with him there is always some kind of spark and heat that only they could ever share. He feels like maybe just maybe if she tried hard enough to get to know him more than they could really be a solid item.

Alex Carter - Alex and Nick have quite a humorous relationship because they both are always competing at who can get the girl, but unlike it being just competition, it is more about the meaning for the girl. Either way, they have no real hatred for each other, but Alex does annoy Nick more than Nick annoys Alex. To Nick it seems as if Alex is much too boring for Sarah.

Drew Maddox - Drew is best friends with Nick because they get along. They both are able to make whatever shitty situations they can go through better and even make fun or joke about it. They are gonna be the boys that help each other through anything they can because they both know what it would feel like to be down. 

Eric Polocky - Eric and Nick can’t stand one another one bit. Maybe it is that they can sometimes be too alike that it frustrates them, but they can also be very different. They just see each other as threats for unseen reasons as it is put in Nick’s eyes. Either way he doesn’t trust the guy and believes him to be a snake in the grass. No one changes that drastically from their true selves.

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